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Brokepack Mountain—a Guide to Backpacking Chile on the Cheap

Chile should be on every backpacker’s list. It’s beautiful, it’s affordable, and it’s a challenge that doesn’t come without its rewards.

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Gap Year Exploration in Chile

This long, thin, fascinating country in South America is a country of captivating and exotic contrasts.

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skiing in Chile

Extreme Sports in Chile

Chile attracts tourists from around the world who enjoy everything from skiing and motorbiking to canyoneering to kayaking.

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Temuco Chile

Best Honeymoon Destinations in South America

Looking for a romantic escape? Check out these three spots in South America for a getaway with your loved one.

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Fiesta de la Virgen de Andacollo

Top Festivals in Latin America

So, without further ado, here are some of the festival highlights of South America for you to feast your eyes on…

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Valle de la luna

Top 10 Things To Do in Chile

You had all kinds of visions in your head what it would be like in Chile, but nothing could have prepared you for what you were about to see and experience.

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Pucon Chile

Finding Peace in Pucón, Chile

Nestled beside a sparkling lake, with the majestic conical form of Volcan Villarica as a stunning backdrop, it oozes natural beauty and offers a great platform for a wide range of outdoor pursuits and adventure sports.

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valparaiso chile

7 Places to Visit in Valparaiso, Chile

Valpo is a place of unique structures, colorful houses, and rich bohemian culture. Check out these seven spots when you’re backpacking Chile.

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