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Peru Travelers: Video Testimonials

A travel company based in Lima, Peru has taken the unusual step of connecting with their guests while traveling through the country to film them while they talk about their experiences.

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best time to travel to Peru

When is the best time to travel to Peru?

Peuru has three unique climate zones, including the tropical climate in the Amazon jungle, the arid desert climate in the west and the Andean highlands in the center of the country.

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Cusco Peru

Stay at the Gateways: Why You Should Visit Quito and Cusco

These two cities offer magnificent architecture, stunning views of the Andes, and an exciting mix of traditional and modern culture.

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butterfly farm Iquitos

Exploring the Peruvian Amazon from Iquitos

There is nothing about Iquitos that makes it comparable to another vacation.

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Peruvian ovens

Living History: the Communal Ovens of Peru

In towns big and small, definitely off the beaten path and behind unmarked doorways are the giant communal ovens of Peru.

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Chiclayo Peru

Top 5 Vacation Spots in South America

It may not be possible to visit all the countries on the continent, but check out these highlights on your South American vacation.

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Peruvian Amazon

Volunteering in Peru – Discover the Secrets of the Amazon

No matter what, you’ll enjoy the unique experience of living, sleeping and eating in the rainforest and if you’re really lucky you might get up-close and personal with a few of the amazing animals living there with you.

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Machu Picchu

Pulling Out the Perks in Peru

One man’s experience taking the Hiram Bingham train service to Machu Picchu.

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