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Quilotoa Lake

Ecuador’s Hidden Charms: The Villages of the Quilotoa Loop (Guest Post)

Some of the most popular Ecuadorian mountain-top destinations can be found along the Quilotoa Loop, a series of small, picturesque Andean villages that frame the crater-made Lake Quilotoa.

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Cusco Peru

Stay at the Gateways: Why You Should Visit Quito and Cusco

These two cities offer magnificent architecture, stunning views of the Andes, and an exciting mix of traditional and modern culture.

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Manta Ecuador

Best Spots to Visit Along Ecuador’s Coast

From the northern resort town of Atacames famous for its sunbathing and dancing to the Parque Nacional Machalilla full of archaeological sites, Ecuador’s coast is full of amazing places to discover.

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Chiclayo Peru

Top 5 Vacation Spots in South America

It may not be possible to visit all the countries on the continent, but check out these highlights on your South American vacation.

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Galapagos sea lion

What you’ll see on a Winter Break to the Galapagos

If you are travelling to the islands for a winter break between October and February, you will find the island in transition between its warm and cool seasons.

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surfing Florianópolis

Places To Vist In South America This Winter

Escape that harsh northern hemisphere winter and come to South America! The sun awaits…

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galapagos islands travel - sea lion

Galapagos Islands Travel Tips

If you really want to immerse yourself in the lives of the people and animals that inhabit this weird and wonderful archipelago, travelling independently is a must.

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South America tourist attractions - hot springs

5 Places for Rest and Relaxation in South America

If you are planning to have a memorable escape from the busy life of the urbanized cities in your country, then it’s time you experience the chill spots that backpacking South America offers.

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