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Chiclayo Peru

Top 5 Vacation Spots in South America

It may not be possible to visit all the countries on the continent, but check out these highlights on your South American vacation.

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Temuco Chile

Best Honeymoon Destinations in South America

Looking for a romantic escape? Check out these three spots in South America for a getaway with your loved one.

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Top 5 Best Beaches in Uruguay

As South America’s 2nd smallest nation, Uruguay is the ultimate underrated paradise that caters to all types of visitors with all kinds of budgets.

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Top 10 Cities in South America To Visit

Backpacking South America is like a roller-coaster ride – you’ll love the thrill of the highs and lows. The continent is an exciting mix of adventure trails, exotic flora and fauna, and people so hospitable you would think you’re with family. Check out our list of the top 10 exciting cities that backpacking South America offers.

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7 Reasons To Travel Uruguay

In terms of South America destinations, Uruguay isn’t as flashy as Chile or Argentina. Many think of it as a quiet, sleepy country that wakes up to a festival once or twice a year at best. But when you travel Uruguay, you will soon find out that the subtlety has been a misconception all along.

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