When Is The Best Time To Cruise In South America?

South America is a beautiful destination to visit; it has beautiful landscapes, history and culture. So you’ve found a fantastic Cruiseabout deal to South America, now all you need to do is work out if it’s the best time to visit. The weather and temperatures constantly vary. You will either be travelling down the Amazon or round-the-horn. The following article talks about the best time to visit South America and what has been taken into consideration.


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This is one enormous continent so it’s no real surprise that conditions will vary. Most of the continent is south of equator and therefore winter runs from June to September. Therefore, December to Marc is the summer; this is when you want to visit. If you are lucky enough to head to Quito, Ecuador, is cool because of the high-altitude.

The Amazon Basin in Brazil is the complete contrast to this, with humid temperatures all year-round. The further south you travel the more cool weather you will experience. Ideally visit in April and March; this will insure you perfect weather.

Tourist Crowds

Cruise season runs from November so keep this in mind. This is the busiest travelling time so be wary if you’re someone that doesn’t do crowds. If you want to be a smart traveller avoid choosing cruises that coincide with holiday, for example Christmas. Don’t avoid all holiday though. The Carnival of Brazil is one of the biggest events and shouldn’t be missed, sometimes a large crowd adds to the excitement.


Events occurring during the South America cruise season include All Soul’s Day and Independence Day in November, with big celebrations in Ecuador especially. There is also the Santuranticury Festival hosted in Peru which is before Christmas. Follow this up with New Years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a huge trip is reason enough to go to South America. There are events held on the beach and music everywhere.

The festival vibe is hard to ignore, it takes over your entire being. This is truly an experience of a lifetime. What a way to bring in the New Year. There are parades, dancing, candlelit ceremonies and fireworks, naturally. There are plenty of events to attend so take your pick. All it takes is a research. Once you’ve decided to go you can start working out an itinerary.

You can travel all year round but there are certain periods that are perfect. Get value for your money and go between November and March, cruise season. This will give you the opportunity to attend more events, see more and do more. Be a smart traveller and do your research.

About the Author: Jasmine Poole has travelled across 30 countries in the last 18 months. She is currently in Darwin, Australia.


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